This is the General Store in Pinnebog Michigan where Grandpa Ed Walsh butchered

meat in the 1930's

1930's - Grandpa Ed Walsh was a butcher at the General Store in Pinnebog, he was the roots for generations of butchers to come.
1969 - Paul and Maxine Walsh purchased the business in Pigeon from Art Schumacher. Paul slaughtered beef and pigs for local farmers, and for their retail meat counter.
1985 - Brian and his brother Patrick Walsh, purchased the business from their parents. Mostly slaughtered and produced wholesale sausage. They also worked with Farmer Pete's. After farmer Pete's went out of business, Brian and Pat started developing their own recipes.
1990 - When Pat left the business Brian and Kelli Walsh became the new owners. Custom slaughtering and wholesale. Gradually expanding back into retail meats.
2017 - We no longer slaughter animals in our facility. We hope to continue focusing and expanding our retail and wholesale distribution and brand name.
Did You Know?
The ham you get on your pizza or sub from Mancino's is produced at Walsh Packing!
Bacon that ISN'T smoked is actually called side pork!
Walsh's Old Fashion Summer Sausage recipe is over 50 years old!
Walsh's Bulk Pork Sausage is different than just ground pork. Walsh's Bulk Pork Sausage is ready to cook up, where ground pork will need some love and seasoning!
We are proud members of the Michigan Meat Association and American Association of Meat Processors! 
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