Had a taste of their Summer from a coworker. Found out where they are located and took the two hour drive to get there. I bought the summer sausage, some Jalapeño and Cheese sticks and a couple packages of bacon. That was last week. Planning a trip with a friend next week, after he make the hour ride to my place. On a scale from one to ten, their products are way above the scale. By far, the best bacon and sausage I ever had. Can’t wait to try the fresh stuff.

Michael W.

Bring in your boneless venison and they return magical deliciousness! There is not one thing they process that I do not like, but far none the best is their meat sticks. I drive an hour each way just to get my venison processed into their meat sticks. Jalapeno cheddar has just the right amount of heat, the regular are good too. While I’m there I make sure to get a couple pounds of their bacon to wrap my tenderloins. If I was a meat market I would be Walsh’s!

Scott F.

I get my deer processed by Lansing and the guys who do it get it sent to Walsh’s! EVERYONE who tries it has to know where I get it from because “its the best they ever had”. Jalapeno and cheese hunter sticks are awesome!

Jim D.

We will only bring our deer to Walsh’s. They do an excellent job, and the sticks are awesome. We Love the Jalapeño and cheese.

Bonnie M.

The best place to shop for your meat and the nicest people work there.

Betsy M.

Great meat….great selection. good prices .meat cut to your preference.. friendly staff.

Nola D.

Love this place!!!! When you get out of your car there your mouth starts salivating.

Tom F.

Best place for getting your deer meat, turned into sausage , pepper sticks and jerky.

William H.

Great service and they always do good work with my deer.

Mark G.

This is the ONLY place I buy my bacon. I live an hour away…

Lucas B.

Amazingly tasty meats! Super delicious!

Andrew Z.

Good people; Good products; Good prices; Wish I lived closer!

Alan W.

Very delicious cloth wrapped summer sausage!

Amber H.